New Canaan Rotary Club Bulletin                                             August 18, 2016
The Year of the Bow Tie gets curiouser and curiousier.  Apparently a sudden inspiration to leave New Canaan for Williamsburg overcame President 2.0 and, before he was able to arrange for a stand-in, he found himself well on his way to his destination.  What to do?  How about a broadcast email to the membership stating that he has abandoned his post and entreating someone, anyone, to act in loco presidentus?  Sounds like a plan.  Fortunately President-Elect Valerie filled the void admirably and handled the meeting management like a grizzled veteran.  The 2.0 management style is certainly unique.
The very first time Valerie appeared before the Club in her leadership role she correctly requested the introduction of Visiting Rotarians and guests.  Virtually unprecedented.  The unfortunate absence of either diminished her performance not a whit.  Next year could be BIG.
Joe Rucci announced that Ed Nordgaard’s memorial service will take place at the First Congregational Church of New Canaan on Saturday, August 27, 2016 at 10:00 AM.
On the Lobsterfest front Fireman Fred requested a meeting of his formidable staff following the meeting, said to look out for Amy’s email sign-up sheet which should be distributed shortly [he stated the minimum commitment he is expecting will be 6 hours], and entreated the membership to sell, sell, sell.  Then Ducatmeister Richard rose and informed the audience that he has received a disappointing 20% of the receipts he is ultimately expecting based on each member’s ticket allocation.  If you have not as yet given Richard the check for your tickets, GET IT UP!  This would be a good year to abandon our tradition of torturing anyone foolish enough to take on a position of responsibility.  The Lobsterfest is our major opportunity to fund our local, District and international service initiatives for the year.  Just because 2.0 isn’t here is no reason not to support him.
The Exchange Committee, Ann and Alex, then reminded the audience that they have successfully completed [and passed] committee level training and that Betsy and [surprisingly] Ben had aced the host family training just in time to welcome Alvaro next week.  As noted in the recent EXTRA edition of the Bullet, Alvaro will be our speaker next week.  If you are in town, be there.  The Committee needs an ambassador from 9:00 until 6:00 next Friday to be responsible for Alvaro – take him on a tour of the town, take him swimming, play golf, etc.  If you can be that person contact Ann [] or Alex [].  It is time to step up and make Alvaro feel welcome in New Canaan.
Steve was enlisted to perform the sergeant duties and to no one’s surprise commenced his performance by uttering what has become his mantra, “I got nuthin’.”  Contradicting that initial statement, he then launched into a golf joke that offended every distaff member of the audience, although, truth be told, it was pretty funny.  Fines followed from Dr. John who was transported by the sophisticated cabaret act of George Baker at the pop-up park last evening; Fred a happy for a week in New Orleans [although August may not have been the optimum month to visit]; Rob was happy to have his son back from an academic/adventure experience in the Caribbean; Ann had a meager happy one for a week in New Hampshire; and Chris Snyder by way of B.T. had a sad because he would miss Ed Nordgaard’s infectious smile.  Before retreating to his seat, Steve once again flogged the NC Chamber of Commerce golf tournament at Wee Burn on September 26th.  He promised to continue hectoring the membership from now until then unless he gets some results, so discretion being the better part of valor, someone please step up.  For a mere $5,000 you could be the Spieth Title Sponsor [unless Steve beats you to it].
Once again following his President’s lead, Program Chair Ken was absent, so President-Elect Valerie donned her Acting Program Chair hat and introduced the day’s speaker, our very own B.T. Bowler, NCHS Class of 1986, married with three children, Ridgefield resident, and NC based Ameriprise financial advisor for the past 22 years.  His subject was the Fiduciary Rule promulgated by the federal Department of Labor, and thus known as the DOL Rule.  It’s stated purpose is to make transparent to the account owner what fees or friction are associated with her account.  Noble goal.  In its normal efficient fashion, the federal government has managed to condense this objective into an easy to understand, crystal clear document numbering in excess of 1,000 pages.  The SEC is supposed to regulate the financial services business, but in this case the Department of Labor wrote the Rule and, having no enforcement arm of its own, farmed that out to the IRS.  What could possibly go wrong?  B.T. stated that aggregate 401k’s and IRA’s in the U.S. total some $20 trillion dollars.  Various layers of government want a piece of that money and so have been exempted from any compliance constraints placed on the private sector.  There are literally thousands of broker/dealers in the country, most of which will not be able to bear the cost of compliance with the Rule and will be forced to either consolidate with the few remaining large firms or go out of business.  As B.T. moved from one side of the room to the other, playing the different roles of the affected parties, the whole subject became somewhat opaque.  His conclusion, if I understood it, is that the Rule is another example of enormously disruptive regulation fundamentally changing the face of financial services in the country over the next few years.  When the dust settles, he opined, Registered Investor Advisor Valerie will still be standing.  Heavy stuff!
Mike Bloomberg
Open Invitation to New Canaan Connecticut Residents to Host a Rotary Youth Exchange Student
Dear New Canaan Rotarians and Residents of New Canaan,
Rotary's Youth Exchange Program is one of the oldest and most successful Rotary programs. Every year, about 8,000 young people from around the world participate in the program.  It provides an opportunity for the students and their host families to understand other countries and cultures, bringing the world a little closer.
Thanks to the efforts of John Marlowe and Ann Cheney, the Rotary Club of New Canaan, has returned to the Youth Exchange Program. The club is sponsoring an outbound student, Caleigh Murray, a sophomore at New Canaan High School, who will leave for Madrid, Spain in August to begin her year abroad.
And we will be welcoming an inbound student, Rikke Sten Holst, a 15 year old girl from Denmark, to our community. We are looking for three warm and caring families to receive Rikke into their homes for about three and a half months each from mid-August 2015 to June 2016. It is an opportunity to have an experience of a lifetime. We have heard many times of the life long friendships that have developed between exchange students and their host families.
If you or any friend or family would like to be a host family, please contact Ann Cheney at More information may be obtained at the Youth Exchange website:
Your lives will be enriched as much as the student's.
New Canaan Rotary Club Seeks Hosts Families for 2015-16 Youth Exchange
Help an Exchange Student have  the experience of a lifetime.
The Rotary Club of New Canaan is sponsoring a 16 year old female student from Denmark . She will be a Sophomore at New Canaan High School during the 2015-16 school-year.
We are looking for three warm and caring families to welcome the student into their home for about 3 1/2 months each from mid-August  2015 to June 2016.
It's an opportunity to give an experience of a lifetime for the student and your family.
If you or any friend or family would like to be a host family please contact Ann Cheney
For more information check the Website:
2015.06.25 New Canaan Rotary Club Bulletin
New Canaan Rotary Club Bulletin                                      June 25, 2015
There are many ways to run an Induction Dinner.  Over the years we have experienced pomp and circumstance, awards, recognition, gifts both simple and extravagant, lengthy testimonials, recounting of the past year’s successes in excruciating detail, and ambitious agendas for the coming year.  This year we had the Methodist version.  Stripped down and basic.
Outgoing President Eric made only one small tactical blunder; he left the membership and their significant others too long at the bar before herding them to the dining room.  This oversight resulted in an exercise in crowd control unfamiliar to the esteemed leader of our weekly meetings.  Several heavy blows to the bell followed by threats of fire and brimstone finally brought the audience out of their seats to pledge allegiance to…Steve.  And then a final hurried prayer as the sense of relief at the conclusion of his year in the desert [as it were] finally overcame Eric.
Not wishing to have to contend with the exacerbating effects of the wine on the tables, Eric quickly issued a blanket thank-you to the membership for their support and hard work during his year in the barrel.  He then exhaled deeply and retreated to the warm embrace of his table and the fair Renee after introducing new President John Bemis and presenting him with the coveted Golden Putter, fairly won from our brothers and sisters in Rotary representing the Stamford and Wilton Clubs.
President John was accompanied by First Lady Nancy and First Daughter Julia.  He gratefully accepted the Putter which is to adorn his office wall until it is won again next year.  John sounded like one of the seemingly endless list of candidates for U.S. president as he addressed the audience for the first time with a brief speech full of platitudes and utopian promises for the coming year.  The harsh reality that the campaigning is over and the hard work of governing has begun became immediately apparent as John attempted to have the introduction of Visiting Rotarians and guests.  By this time the tables were strewn with empty wine bottles and his constituents were approaching anarchy.  His first mistake was to initiate the exercise by calling on the member whose call sign is, “I got nuthin’.”
Steve rose [and rose and rose] to his full height and fumbled the introductions at his table before shrinking into his chair with a request for a do-over [not granted].  Two tables were handled seamlessly before Frank got to his feet and declared his love for the fair Amy who was at his side.  Although other pretty women were at his table they were not acknowledged.  The new President then called on the old President to introduce the guests at his [also John’s] table.  Eric, who had been celebrating continuously since the beginning of the 6:00 cocktail hour, appeared flustered and fumbled his assignment.  Finally Mike Hobbs handled the routine introductions of Hazel, Ann and Freddy before tackling the challenging Tatiana Pogacnik in the original Slovenian.  The good news was that the raucus crowd paid scant attention to the speakers and so little lasting damage was done.
In a prudent attempt to evacuate the Roger before permanent damage, either physical or to the sterling Rotary reputation, was done President John stepped forcefully to the podium, cast a longing glance at his wife and daughter as he embarked on his year of leadership as the herder of cats and rang the bell to adjourn.  A memorable ending and beginning.
Barack Obama
Russell Hampton
National Awards Services Inc.