New Canaan Rotary Club Bulletin                                  June 18,2015

Heeeee’s baaaaaack!  President Eric has NOT abandoned us within sight of the finish line as we thought after last week’s no-show.  He was in the room just oozing authority and leadership as he led the penultimate Pledge of his executive year.  He was then forced to concede that after 51 weeks he had failed to coax the membership into the dining room and so moved himself into the buffet room to offer the weekly prayer/editorial.

Kevin arrived at 12:35.

Throwing the traditional agenda to the wind [this did not sit well with Rucci the Elder] Eric decided that a patient pleasant demeanor had clearly not gotten the job done and turned ugly, calling out by name all RSVP recalcitrants.  George Baker, Kevin McLaughlin, Marty Skrelunas, John Engel, Tom Lewis, Don McIvor, Pete Santella, Phil McLain, Sandy Malloy, Chris Nyilas, Mike Franco and Frankie the Claw have ignored vocal and written entreaties to let Eric know whether or not they plan to attend next Thursday evening’s Induction Dinner at the Roger with a cash bar commencing at 6:00 with dinner to follow at 7:00.  He suggested that failure to respond by tomorrow would be grounds for a $500 fine.  While this recommendation will not be acted upon common decency requires that all of the above respond to Eric so he can inform our hosts how many diners to expect.  Now would be a good time to email Eric at  The Induction Dinner will replace the normal luncheon meeting on Thursday, June 25.

Eric then called on Ben to update the Club on the Dorrico Scholarship, a joint effort of the Dorrico family [Joe Dorrico was a long time NC postmaster and Rotarian, including a year as president] and our Club.  Selection of the recipient was made last week.  The scholarship amount is $1,350.  Ben has bumped the amount up to $2,000 the last few years.  A suggestion was made to use the Dictionary Model to cover that expense going forward.  Any member wishing to help should make out a check to the New Canaan Rotary Club Foundation, put Dorrico Scholarship on the memo line, and mail it to P.O. Box 62 or give it personally to Ben or Treasurer Tom.  Should we receive more than the $650 we need for this year we will keep the difference to add to next year’s award.  Mike Hobbs handed Ben a check for the first $100.

The President then called Amy to the podium to receive her new member sponsor pin for bringing Cynthia into our midst.  In an unprecedented move Eric then welcomed Duncan Chisholm into the Club without ceremony.  Duncan will be inducted sometime in the future and will count as a Bemis recruit.  I have no clue as to his status until that occurs.  I guess we should just be nice to Duncan when we see him.  Brock then reported that he is close to finalizing the results of the Golf Tournament.  Anyone with any outstanding expense should report it to him immediately or consider it a donation.  The final net number will be between $4,000 and $5,000.  A fine job by Brock!  B.T. Bowler and Associates then joined Karl Chevrolet as a full year Rotary event sponsor with the submission of a $3,000 check.  Thank you B.T.  Valerie and Ben explained that this year’s wine and cheese event was not as well attended as last year’s and that the two Carriage Barn directors were leaving.  In light of these facts they requested feedback on whether or not we should continue the event and, if so, any changes that people might suggest.  The net for this year is expected to be in the $1,000 range.

Exchange maven Ann then announced that our short-term in-coming exchange student from Madrid is arriving shortly to spend four weeks with the Murray family here in New Canaan before returning and hosting Caleigh Murray for four weeks in Madrid.  Rucci the Younger has stepped up as one of the host families for long-term in-coming exchange student Rikke Sten Holst from Denmark for the coming academic year.  Great work by John Marlow, Ann and Alex to make this all happen.  Many thanks to David and Bar and we still need two more host families for three months each.  Sergeant Scott then treaded close to the line with a joke.  Dr. John volunteered a follow-up joke in an attempt to bail Scott out.  Didn’t work.  No notable fines.

Before calling on Bill Walbert, Eric issued a blanket statement of appreciation to all the members who have stepped up to leadership positions and those who have provided the muscle to accomplish all the tasks that need to be done in order to have a successful year.  Those encomiums were well deserved, but it should be noted that one of life’s great truisms is that LEADERSHIP MATTERS and Eric has been a most effective and congenial leader.  Bill then revealed that he and Long Tall Steve in the middle of a thorny auditing meeting [one can only imagine] had come up with the idea for a NC Rotary Club Road Trip.  He asked for a show of hands to determine potential interest in a September Thursday/Friday fly fishing expedition to the Catskills for an all-in cost between $300 and $400.  Approximately a dozen members responded positively and Bill will take it from here and report back as plans firm up.  Before Eric rang the bell for the last time he reminded everyone that we are very close to our Every Rotarian Every Year goal of $100 to the Foundation from every member.  Should you be unclear about your status contact John Bemis at, with a tear in his eye, he rang the bell to dismiss the audience for the final time.

The Lame Duck